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Art has the  Power to Transform Lives. Government cuts to arts programs sadden artist Tilly Perry.
In her own life she has used art to heal and in her work has seen that art has the power to change lives.
She worked at the Kamloops Art Gallery and City of Kamloops for several years  as program Coordinator and outreach worker. "I have seen special needs adults empowered by the art. She also worked for School District 73's  program for Children at Risk. She has tutored children and seniors with little to no motor skills, enabling them to create. The smiles in return are all one needs to know that art does make a difference.
2000 after a life altering event, Tilly applied and was accepted into the Fine Arts Program at TRU with only    her grade eight and upgrading from Pathfinders Lab. She graduated in 2005 with her BFA. Tilly began creating her story through art and has been in several solo and  group exhibitions in Canada, UK, USA, Spain, Australia and New Zealand and several countries to add to the list.
She was one of the founding members of Arnica Artist Run Centre. Presently a member at Old Courthouse Gallery Gift Shop and Kamloops Printmakers.  A few years ago VIDA out of LA asked if they could use her art for their clothing line.
Her art tells her story.

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